Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blakes Lavac Taylor Kerosene Heater

Onboard Airborne I have a small cabin heater designed to run on Kerosene or Diesel fuel. It's model 079D. I was having trouble with lighting it and it staying lit so I looked online for user's manual and found the following instructions:
  1. Open front port and chimney flue
  2. Put 20cc of Methylated Spirit (Denatured Alcohol) in the burner pot
  3. Light through the front port
  4. Wait about 4 minutes for the burning alcohol to heat the center stool and allow auto drip
  5. Press and hold the blue button, starting the flow of fuel
  6. Adjust the drip rate for 80-110 drips per minute
Enjoy the warmth! I usually start to heat the cabin using an electric 115 V portable heater and then start the kerosene stove when I'll be onboard a while. After the kerosene stove is warm, about 30 minutes, I can cut off the electric heater when It's 45 degrees outside. Inside the cabin we can get it up to 60 degrees, quite comfortable when outside it's below freezing!

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